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Success Stories

Read Hermiston’s story

Dr. De Manuelle has been my veterinary dermatologist for over 15 years. She has treated multiple pets for various skin and allergy issues during that time.

Although she is highly knowledgeable, skilled and experienced I think what I love the most about her is her devotion to, and love of animals. For example, we had an emergency with our 15 year -old Yorkie mix who was broken out in a horrible, itchy rash one morning.

Dr. De Manuelle got us in to see her right away.He was so much better by that afternoon and the problem resolved soon after. It was such a comfort to us.

I have referred numerous people to her and they all have been impressed with her ability to diagnose and effectively treat their pets.We are lucky to have her in our community. 5-stars!

Read Athena’s Story

Twelve years ago, Athena, my then two year old standard poodle, was plagued with extensive itching. She scratched so much and so intensely, she tore a hole in her chest. Luckily, we were referred to Dr. Terese DeManuelle, the veterinary dermatologist who diagnosed and treated Athena.

Dr. DeManuelle ascertained that Athena’s allergies were environmental, requiring scratch tests to determine exactly what they were. Turned out, Athena’s allergies were many and severe. Dr. DeManuelle prepared the necessary serum and taught me how to give Athena her allergy shots. Athena also required allergy pills along with special eye, ear and bathing care, medication and products. Under Dr. DeManuelle’s care, Athena’s itching stopped, all side effects vanished and she spent the remainder of her life free from allergy symptoms, becoming certified as a therapy dog along the way. Dr. DeManuelle checked Athena throughout the years, making changes to medications and care products, as needed.

I very much appreciated her attentiveness to my observations of Athena and her willingness to answer all questions (even if asked after we had left her office). I also appreciated her sensitivity to costs (having an allergic dog is not an inexpensive proposition). Office visits were kept to the necessary minimum. She even changed Athena’s medications if a manufacturer raised prices and there was an equally effective drug from a different one. In addition, Dr. DeManuelle was a delightful, caring person. Both Athena and I enjoyed our visits.

Sadly, Athena died this year, at the age of fourteen. Shortly after Athena died, my daughter’s seven year old Lhasa apso mix, Namba, began to exhibit signs of allergies. Without hesitation, I referred my daughter and Namba to Dr. DeManuelle. Dr. DeManuelle determined Namba had food allergies, requiring a different treatment than Athena had had. Through food adjustments prescribed by Dr. DeManuelle, Namba’s allergies are under control and should not require further medical attention. If that should change, however, there is no question that Namba will see Dr. De Manuelle again even though her practice is located an inconvenient distance from where my daughter and I live (she has moved her practice since she saw Athena). I cannot imagine having any other veterinary dermatologist take care of Namba and after working with Dr. DeManuelle, my daughter wholeheartedly agrees.

Read Moe’s Story

Dr Terese DeManuelle has done a terrific job treating our labradoodle’s severe itching and skin issues.

It was difficult for us to identify, we never had a dog with skin infections.

Dr. DeManuelle’s methodical approach with adjustments to diet and medicine is spot on. Great Vet!

Read Daisy’s Story

Daisy had a chronic ear infection. She saw Dr. DeManuelle and the doctor saw a mass in her ear. Daisy was anesthetized and Dr. DeManuelle performed surgery and removed the mass, submitted the mass to see if it was cancer. Dr. DeManuelle consulted with the laboratory and obtained special tests to get a diagnosis on Daisy’s mass. She answered all of our questions, worked with our veterinarian, and Daisy is doing well now. Dr. DeManuelle has a wonderful bedside manner, is very compassionate, and went above and beyond to get a diagnosis for us and Daisy.

Read Turbo’s Story

Turbo suffered from severe skin disease for years. Margaret consulted with another veterinary dermatologist and there was no improvement. When we saw Dr. DeManuelle, she diagnosed Turbo with severe eosinophilic granulomas, environmental/food allergies and a Staphylococcus skin infection. She treated him for the infection, and his allergies. He is so much better now. He has no skin lesions and his allergy serum is working very well!

Read Pasta’s Story

For a decade, we resided in Wilsonville and, for all those years, our go-to allergy specialist was Dr. Terese DeManuelle. She was a flat-out wonder in dealing with the skin problems of our Shar-Pei. While we suspect that Dr. DeManuelle is a wizard in dealing with the allergies of other breeds, because we only had Chinese Shar-Pei dogs in Oregon, we can only attest to her skill in coping with their issues. You may have heard that, besides their abundance of charming wrinkles, Shar Pei can easily become afflicted with the Northwest’s evil array of allergens. You heard right! Well, regardless of the causes, Dr. DeManuelle came up with game plans that kept our dogs on top of their games.

Indeed, as we contemplated moving from Oregon to California, leaving behind Dr. D’s consummate excellence was a potent argument against the move. We’re sending along photos of our two rescue Shar-Pei. They would have benefitted immensely from this marvelous veterinarian.

Read Maggie’s Story

Before we found Dr. deManuelle; Maggie was miserable! She was chewing on her paws and legs and scratching her ears constantly. I had no idea what was wrong! Dr. deManuelle did several tests both with food and with scratch tests. We learned that Maggie had a ton of allergies from grasses and pollens to food products. Thankfully Maggie was prescribed a new diet as well as medication. She can now relax and act like a normal dog. She’s so much happier and so are we!! I’d happily recommend Dr. deManuelle to anyone with an unhappy pet. Rose Laughlin.

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